Saturday, 9 May 2020

Beatrice Bromley, Janet Stafford, Stella Tripp and Zelga Miller - Art of Caring 2020

Welcome to the Art of Caring 2020. Today we introduce the work of 4 artists who have contributed work to this year's exhibition.... Beatrice Bromley, Janet Stafford, Stella Tripp and Zelga Miller . The Art of Caring is an annual inclusive international art exhibition celebrating Nurses, Midwives, Carers, and the NHS. Thank you to the School of Nursing at Kingston University for their support.

Stella Tripp
"Big thank you to all the nurses who have helped along the way - from routine checks and minor procedures to the big, life changing events. I couldn't have got through without you!"

I live in Exeter – pretty close to my place of birth: Taunton in Somerset. But I travelled the long way round – living and studying in Israel, Portsmouth, London, and America along the way. I have made and exhibited art in all those places, as well as holding many exhibitions here in the south west.

I work in a variety of media including painting, mixed-media constructions and ceramics. Since 2015 I have also been exploring collaborative performative practice, as a founding member of Preston Street Union (PSU) –  an Exeter-based affiliation of artists who generate new work and learning through social, collaborative processes.

Janet Stafford
"Who doesn’t love a kind nurse? I am thinking now of childhood friends who grew up to become nurses. One didn’t practice long (she cared for her own children, and died young). One has spent her life as a nurse—so caring and kind. Sweet, she is. She has taken care of many, and has seen death. Still, she maintains her sweetness.  And her love of life and laughter. Is that it then? A love of life."

I am a painter, living and working in New York. I use photographs on which I base my paintings. The paintings look a little photographic from a distance.

I have always worked in series—streams of thoughts and desires common to us all, represented by images. I see the images as indicators of the material world.

At first my series were narrative, encompassing quotidian aspects such as romantic love and building construction. And I considered ideas—enlightenment, biology, memory. Now I am thinking about nature and our planet. I want to point to the beauty, portal to the sublime.

Zelga Miller
Zelga successfully transitioned from Said Business School, University of Oxford to the world of Fine Arts achieving a Masters in Fine Arts in Fine Art (Wimbledon College of Art and Oxford Brookes University). Zelga’s work explores our search for a safe space and the human need for transition.

Surreal composites seek to ask questions of memory, boundary and hope as a means of survival. She uses subject, line, trace and materiality across myriad forms such as decal and glass, interactive scrolls, life size vinyl friezes and most recently through moving image. Zelga works with pastel, charcoal, sand, ink, oil and moving image technology to accompany the viewer through a range of surreal scenarios in an attempt to document the human condition.

Works combines a narrative rich with emotion where boundaries are represented, confines evoked and a sense of life in suspension alluded with ephemeral, transitory, figures present in body yet absent of emotion.

A constantly evolving lexicon of characters is created which when combined allude to a narrative of solitude and personal reflection. The intention is to create a dialogue, pose a question – to have the conversation.  Whatever the subject or medium each image and each stroke is individual, yet the sum is far greater than its component parts. Whether in colour or monochrome, images convey an assemblage of meaning beyond the simplicity of the scene.
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Beatrice Bromley

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