Friday, 22 May 2020

Katie Frost, Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds, Shannon Amey and Teri Anderson - Art of Caring 2020

Welcome to the Art of Caring 2020. Today we introduce the work of 4 artists who have contributed work to this year's exhibition.... Katie Frost, Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds, Shannon Amey and Teri Anderson. The Art of Caring is an annual inclusive international art exhibition celebrating Nurses, Midwives, Carers, and the NHS. Thank you to the School of Nursing at Kingston University for their support.

Katie Frost
"The role of nurses / carers in my life – I would have lost some family members several times over were it not for nurses and carers, in particular my Dad. I’ll be forever grateful to them for looking after my family, and more recently, myself, as I discover more about my autoimmune problems. A clap doesn’t quite cover it."
I am a textile based artist in the North East of England working with natural and sustainable materials. I also work a lot with hand embroidery, mainly to create pet portraits. My work aims to highlight the importance of both our natural environment and animals. When I’m not creating, I work as a Learning Support Assistant for college students with SEND, and I’m completing studies with the aim of becoming an Art Therapist.

Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds
"My grandfather passed earlier this year and it was carers, official and unofficial, who helped with the day to day leading up to this. The carers in his care home where he passed were magical, having only just met myself and my Grandpa and seeing us through the last week of his life with care and attention."
Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds is an artist and educator based in London. Her installation based work looks as space, place and story.

 Teri Anderson
Shannon Amey

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