Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Nicole Lyster, Anna O'Doherty, Daniel Zlota, Jon Halls, Rakhee Shah - Art of Caring 2020

Welcome to the Art of Caring 2020. Today we introduce the work of 5 artists who have contributed work to this year's exhibition.... Nicole Lyster, Anna O'Doherty, Daniel Zlota, Jon Halls and Rakhee Shah. The Art of Caring is an annual inclusive international art exhibition celebrating Nurses, Midwives, Carers, and the NHS. Thank you to the School of Nursing at Kingston University for their support.

Nicole Lyster
"My mother is a Nurse and Midwife and gave me life. My children require my role as a Carer and the expertise of Nurses to keep them alive.  The NHS is part of my family and has been an essential supporting structure for over 20 years of dealing with Cystic Fibrosis.  I applaud it everyday.  Recently the world has come to realise the bravery and dedication it takes to face the trials of illness in others and help them to overcome this and it applauds this.  When the pandemic is over I will still be applauding the Nurses and Carers in my life as I did before and the world should remember and continue to join me."
Nicole Lyster grew up and went to school in North London, where she enjoyed science and art in equal measure, finding them to be complementary to each other, rather than in conflict. She spent some formative years living in East London whilst she expanded her mind with a Degree in Philosophy and further developed her love of learning whilst living in South London and training to be a teacher. She moved to West London to undertake her career in teaching and help to develop young minds. Nicole continued to reside there whilst undertaking her MBA and practicing as a management consultant, helping to develop businesses and managers. She now lives permanently with her family in West London and has the luxury of developing herself and her art, rather than other people.

Daniel Zlota
"A nurse is like a mom: she listens to you, she takes care of you  and then you left. My mom is a nurse. I love you mom!"
Daniel Zlota: painter, architect, entrepreneur, traveler, dreamer.
With a successful career in architecture and interior design, the artist is now entirely devoted to his first passion, painting.
Daniel Zlota excellently combines mixed techniques such as acrylic paint, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, pastel and collage. His works are impressive through the way he uses colors, expressing optimism, authenticity and desire to enjoy life.
He finds inspiration in his travels, family life and music. He likes to experiment and innovate with original projects such as Bio Art, Emotion Touch and Art Collage.
His works are in personal collections all around the world: US, Mexico, England, Italy, Spain, France, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania. His desire is to exhibit in as many places around the world as possible so that his art can be seen, heard and lived.

Anna O'Doherty
Jon Halls

Rakhee Shah
Rakhee specialises in oil painting but has dabbled in other media as well like acrylics, charcoal, pastels, mixed media, etc. Besides , Rakhee has created modern art paintings like Earthscapes, Historic Ruins, Underwater Life, etc
Rakhee is an artist since the last 27 years and has had 61 prestigious exhibitions and events mostly in UK and some in Mumbai, India.
Rakhee has created nearly 1200 paintings.
Rakhee has donated 717 paintings to Hospitals, Cancer Centres, Institutions, NGOs, etc. all over the world globally.
Rakhee’s paintings have gone to various countries like UK, USA, France, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, New Zealand, India, etc.
Rakhee has also donated to UNICEF and UNESCO.
Rakhee has entered the Limca Book of Records
for maximum donation of paintings in the world.
My twitter handle is @RakheeShah13

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