Saturday, 16 May 2020

Sarah Foque, Sue Thompson, Raul Moya Mula, Grant Radford & Zoe Maslen - Art of Caring 2020

Welcome to the Art of Caring 2020. Today we introduce the work of 4 artists who have contributed work to this year's exhibition.... Sarah Foque, Sue Thompson, Raul Moya Mula, Grant Radford & Zoe Maslen . The Art of Caring is an annual inclusive international art exhibition celebrating Nurses, Midwives, Carers, and the NHS. Thank you to the School of Nursing at Kingston University for their support.

Sarah Foque
"My mum was a nurse. Growing up with her every so often having to work Christmas or New Year, giving up on these key family moments, I admire the sacrifices she and her fellow nurses/carers give to keep us all safe and well."

My work aims to challenge the established dichotomy of culture vs. nature.  By utilising a visual language inspired by historic graphic design styles or my own creations, my prints aim to highlight how nature still influences and underpins our day to day life and how different parts of our culture are intrinsically linked to the landscape that surrounds us.

Sue Thompson
"The nursing profession runs in my family. When my mother arrived in the UK from Jamaica in the 1950's, she had intended to train as a nurse but due to circumstances she never got to fulfil her wish. However she worked for many years as a Auxiliary Nurse for the NHS.  My mother encouraged me to become a nurse although my wish was to be an artist.  I am also a registered nurse RGN/RMN  currently working in a mental health unit.  My wish to be an artist has always been there so after working as a nurse for many years I obtained a BA Hons degree in Fine Art in 2014.
My art submission  'Mrs Ebanks' is about my friends mother who worked for many years as a Auxiliary Nurse at St James and Benedict's Hospitals."

Sue Thompson works in oils, acrylics and pastels to create colourful abstract paintings on canvas and board. Her approach to painting can be described as intuitive, creating images by following a feeling or knowing, something that cannot be put into words. The process involves applying layers of paint with a large brush, constantly assessing and adapting to the canvas until the moment of knowing is reached. Her work is characterized by a strong sense of colour, bold brush strokes and layers of contrasting hues
The disciplines of nursing and art can be seen as interconnected. The art of nursing is the intentional creative use of oneself, based upon skill and expertise to transmit emotion and meaning to another. The artist attempts to convey a myriad of emotions and experiences through their creations.

Grant Radford & Zoe Maslen

Raul Moya Mula

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