Art of Caring 2017 Submission has now closed

Where do I send my images?
Send up to 3 Jpegs/photos of your work to
or a haiku to the same email address.
before 3rd April 2017 (Midnight).
The images should be approximately postcard size - A6 (10.5 x 14.8cm)
Include your name, title of the image/work and your website address if you have one.

The Theme
Although your art/photo should respond to the theme of Caring/Care we will be giving special attention to those artworks which respond to the theme of Sustainability. This is because the worldwide theme for International Nurses Day in 2017 is Nursing: A voice to lead - Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance
Or your interpretation of the theme.......

The Exhibitions
The Art of Caring is split into two clear exhibitions.
The first is at St George's Hospital (3rd-12th May 2017) where printed postcards of your artwork are displayed on the walls of the hospital to help celebrate International Nurses Day. This is an inclusive exhibition.
The second is at St Pancras Hospital (July-October 2017) and uses a mixture of original artworks and printed postcards. Works will be selected by Arts Project curators Peter Herbert and Elaine Harper-Gay.

The Art of Caring at St George's
We will print two copies of your artwork as an A6 postcard. One for the exhibition and one to send to you. Your name and title will appear underneath your image or haiku.
The first exhibition will be at St George's Hospital, Blackshaw Rd, London SW17 0QT.
Open from the 3rd-12th May 2016. The Private View will be on the 3rd May, alongside SNAP (Student Nurse Academic Partnership Conference).

Will my work be selected?
We are working with the artists' collective, CollectConnect, who specialise in inclusive exhibitions. We aim to include at least one artwork by each artist but if you send us 3 then we hope to include them all. We have a 'First come-First served' policy, this sometimes means we close before the deadline. See full details below*

The Art of Caring at St Pancras
There will be an exhibition of original artworks alongside the postcards at THE CONFERENCE CENTRE, ST PANCRAS HOSPITAL, 4 ST PANCRAS WAY, NW1 OPE. The exhibition will open in July and close in October 2017 with a private view and launch party in mid-July. Works will be selected by The Arts Project curators Peter Herbert and Elaine Harper-Gay. We will send you a special form to fill out with all info once you've contacted us with your images.

Deadline for submissions is Monday 3rd April 2017 (We may close early if all 400 exhibition spaces are filled)

Keep it Simple
Send your images to and be part of the exhibition!

*We want to represent ourselves and other artists sympathetically and honestly.

The exhibition is totally Free to enter, as an artist and viewer.

We operate an open selection policy, so artists are free from rejection. It is your responsibility to choose what work is appropriate.

We have a 'First come-First served' policy. Sometimes this means we close before the deadline.

Our artists range through all ages, colours, backgrounds, and all skill levels are welcome.

We hope that you'll take this opportunity to express yourself within the theme and occupy the public realm with your artistic voice but we reserve the right to refuse any work that is offensive or inappropriate in the public domain. We have never had to do this and often find a solution that's tailored to the situation.

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