Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Helen Roeten, Mahlia Amatina, Yvonne Vignes, Zoe Douglas-Cain - Art of Caring 2020

Welcome to the Art of Caring 2020. Today we introduce the work of 4 artists who have contributed work to this year's exhibition.... Helen Roeten, Mahlia Amatina, Yvonne Vignes and Zoe Douglas-Cain. The Art of Caring is an annual inclusive international art exhibition celebrating Nurses, Midwives, Carers, and the NHS. Thank you to the School of Nursing at Kingston University for their support.

Zoe Douglas-Cain
"I am extremely proud of our nurses and healthcare staff especially at the moment.
I work alongside nurses in my work and witness the care and dedication in the best of times.
They have really come into their own at this time and hopefully there will be a huge reevaluation of how vitally important they are and we can honour them appropriately going forwards."
I am an art therapist and collage artist and have been exhibiting in group shows all over the U.K since 2013.
My work celebrates women in the world placing them as the central subject caught up in a variety of situations and guises, rarely meeting our gaze.
The work is largely humorous, sometimes cheeky and positions women engaged in reverie and play alongside each other or in their own space, autonomous and self possessed.

Helen Roeten

Yvonne Vignes

Mahlia Amatina

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